Good News ! :')

15/3/2013 : 3.16 AM (Jumaat)

i will stop berblogging for a few second maybe , for a few minute maybe , for a few hours maybe , for a few days maybe , for a few weeks maybe , for a few months maybe , for a few years ? maybe .
thanks to my lovely readers yang sudi singgah selama neh . sorry for this stupid decision . i'll be back as soon as possible insyaallah after my situation back to normal . please doa kan saya have a good life , happy ever after and being a good daughter , friends , and students . doakan kesihatan dan kebahagian saya dunia akhirat jugak . see you soon guys :') salam ukhuwwah fillah .

assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh .
thankie for reading : Tengku Lea


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