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16/11/2012 : 1.17 AM(Jumaat)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh . Salam 1Malaysia . Salam Maal Hijrah .

I got something serious to post . I cuma sampaikan apa yang "org" suruh :)
Dear owner of P** *1*7 :

"Helo babe . Thankyou for coming into my life . I really missyou right now . I dont know how to describe apa yang I rasa sekarang neh .
I rasa something weird . I tak tahu la kalau I sorang jea rasa macam tuu . Maybe I terlebih mengada and im sorry .
I tahu you tak berapa suka perempuan yang mengada . I really know that . And im trying agar tak menjadi agak mengada dengan you .
I taknak you pening layan kerenah I yang tah pape neh . A few days , I rasa sunyi . Actually you should know that I need you . Tapi skrg you study week . Maybe thats the reason why macam , hmm entahlah :')
As we know i mean both of us , kita takde any relationship right now but we know that we love each other .
I ingat lagi that night you tanya I that I love you . And my answer is Yes .
I really mean that okay :') Just a few months kita kenal , I boleh sayang .
Dan I harap sayang I tak pernah kurang . Lagi rindu I kat you , lagi bertambah sayang I kat you .
Sayangnya , Im not ready yet to have any relationship right now . I takot . I risau . I taknak pisang berbuah banyak kali . Bukan dua kali tapi banyak kali .
Walaupun I tahu you are not that type of "lelaki" yang really like to sakitkan hati perempuan .
You bukanlah sorg lelaki yang mudah keluarkan ayat ayat jiwang . You bukanlah lelaki yang reti memujuk seorang perempuan yang sedang merajuk .
You tidaklah terlalu romantik seperti lelaki lain tapi you pernah kata , bila dah sah sesuatu hubungan itu , you akan jadi husband yang paling sweet ever and after .
I believe that my dear . Untunglah your future wife nanti . And I hope , I will be that girl ^^
Keep loving me eventhough kita tak declare anything . As long as you know , i love you , and you love me . Insyaallah . Anything shit happen right now , i will keep inside .
Keep in touch till the end ya no matter what happen ? No one can love you like i do . Trust me "
Distance never separates two hearts that really care . for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there . but whenever i start feeling sad because i miss you , i remind myself how lucky i am to have someone so special to miss . let not do this anymore pretending like we dont miss each other like crazy and acting like we dont love each other and totally i cant explain how much i miss you right now . when you are tempted to lose patience with someone , think how patient Allah has been with you all the time . be patient and tough . someday this pain will be useful to you :) Assalamualaikum . 
thankie for reading : Tengku Lea


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